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RE: [Xen-users] RE: XEN future....? RESEARCH :- Do participate.....

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><Well, I think "the market" will decide the future of Xen, not you or
>May be its me who ll decide to add XEN as a feature inbuild product in
>coming systems release ...lol..you never know....There must be someone
>takes decissions and the decissions which are agreed by user and the
>who is using the product. And we are the user, and we have to decide
>its imprtant for IT or not. And if yes then how...?
>Well may be you know a lot about Xen virtualization, but you might get
>know something more out of here and which could be gr8 enough....
>So its just a simple research about the future of XEN. what are its
>pros and cons and which are about to be resolved in near future.
>Its not me and you who goes through this great forum, there are
>it could be a bit interesting decission...
>And yeah i mentioned about the usb drive, so you said it could be
>But is that a user friendly approach...
>Thanks for starting the thread....

Though I run into several problems with cross-distro Xen, we have
several Xen servers running in production doing a variety of tasks.  We
were able to takes machines that had 5% load and start utilizing them
better.  Instead of buying more hardware we were able to double the use
of existing hardware with a near zero cost factor.

I think that as Xen matures and the distro's start getting their acts
together that the market will start picking up even more for Xen.  I
highly doubt that it will go away anytime soon.  This especially holds
true as the commercial OS vendors implement VT hooks into their apps.

The only possible thing that I can see taking Xen on is VMWare and their
product is now free, but the trade off is the overhead cost of VMWare.
I've been running VMWare for some years and I'll say that their product
is much less of a hassel BUT it comes at a performance cost (for the
full virtualization).  Which leads you back to para-virtualized under
xen for better performance.  This of course, is my observation on last
years technologies.  I've been playing more and more with newer hardware
(VT enabled stuff) and have yet to compare the two.

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