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Re: [Xen-users] Cannot creat Xen virtual machine with Yast in Suse 10

On 7 Feb 2007 at 16:45, Kevin Blackwell wrote:

> Karl,
> Believe me, two weeks ago I was exactly where you are now. The first thing I
> have to say to you about Suse's virtual machine tool is this

I agree, but only after you have created one working VM. Otherwise I could not 
the needed kernel and initrd.  I was cloning all other VMs from the first one. 
Then you can happily modify the software selection and install updates.

> >From what I can tell, it does not work right. I have successfully install
> Xen w/ SuSE 10.2 on a Dell 64bit server. I can spin off a server rather
> quickly these days. I even have a Fedora Core 6 environment running. (That's
> was a problem too, but another time. )  If you need any assistance creating
> a xen environment from hand, I can point you to some awesome docs.

I think the tool only works if the online-update version is used (every 
trial user gets free online updates for a month or two I think).


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