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RE: [Xen-users] RE: XEN future....? RESEARCH :- Do participate.....

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  • Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 12:27:10 +0100
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> >The answer to the second 
> >form of the question is definitely "Yes", you can add a 
> startup script 
> >to your Linux distribution and make the VM start 
> automagically when you 
> >boot Linux.
> Yeah i meant by this only . To directly start VMachine with a 
> reboot of Host
> OS. i dont want to go to VMM to start up the vmachine. Well 
> so how can i
> achieve this. I mean what about this startup script. Is there 
> any manual or
> anything which could be helpful in achieving this. I dont 
> have any idea at
> the moment about how can i add startup script to the disto. 

Ok, so lets assume you want to use the "desktop" on the Linux distro: 

Add a piece of script to the .bashrc:
if -z $VM_STARTED ; then
  export VM_STARTED=1
  xm create some-vm-config;

In .bashlogout:
if -n $VM_STARTED ; then
   vm shutdown some-vm-name;
   export -n VM_STARTED;

This is perhaps not perfect, but it gets something similar to what you
asked for. 

What I'm really trying to say is that there's ways to create a VM based
on some script that is being run at some point - depending on what you
want to do, you may find that the above is OK for you, or not. 
> And about drivers thingy, i am just talking in general like 
> if there is a
> new version of graphic card for instance so windows come up 
> with a drivers
> for that but windows which is running over virtual machine 
> wont be able to
> get that as it would take few months to hv drivers for linux. 
> Well usually
> linux drivers comes after 3-4 months of windows one. So thats 
> a drawback i
> was telling about...nothing much really. 

Yeah, and that's a problem to XEN in which way? A whole lot of people
aren't using the latest, very newest, graphics card anyways. And many
graphics cards DO work with older drivers, but perhaps at a lower
performance level. 
> >But why would ANY NORMAL person use virtualization at all? 
> Well there are many normal users who prefer having running 
> two OS, so they
> go for partitioning disk and all but virtualization could 
> help out without
> partioning the sys. Well There are many users who use 
> computers in business
> and are not a computer freak and just want 2 or more OS for 
> watever reason .

Give me one example of a "normal" user that needs two OS's on the same
machine simultaneously (as I see it, partitioning the disk is MUCH
easier to manage, but it depends on what you want to do). 

> So they just want a simple approach to start OS. 

And logging in and typing "xm create somename" is very complicated, in
your opinion? Are we talking about auntie Mable, or someone who actually
knows a bit about using a computer? Why would my mum want to run Windows
as a VM in a Linux box? [Although I think if I wrote down "xm create
somename" on a piece of paper, I would only get a call from my mum when
she'd lost the piece of paper...]. 

> So i just meant that at the moment its not that user friendly 
> that anyone
> could start that up and perform basic task.
> Well the problem that i am trying to get on with simple that 
> i am looking
> over the prospects if our clients use XEN to have windows OS 
> without knowing
> anything about linux host. Which i think would not work for 
> atleast 1 to 2
> yrs.
> At the moment i think xen is good among the comp freaks with in big
> companies to solve their general problems . Can not be 
> promoted on a large
> scale till it becomes user friendly...

Userfriendly to whom?

> Well and yeh what about xen express. I have not tried that 
> yet. Which distro
> does it included inn.. I would definately give it a try. 

XenExpress is not distributed "in a distribution", it's distributed by
XenSource, and comes in a package to be installed on your existing
distribution of Linux. 

See: http://www.xensource.com/products/xen_express/

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