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[Xen-users] RE: XEN future....? RESEARCH :- Do participate.....

>The answer to the second 
>form of the question is definitely "Yes", you can add a startup script 
>to your Linux distribution and make the VM start automagically when you 
>boot Linux.

Yeah i meant by this only . To directly start VMachine with a reboot of Host
OS. i dont want to go to VMM to start up the vmachine. Well so how can i
achieve this. I mean what about this startup script. Is there any manual or
anything which could be helpful in achieving this. I dont have any idea at
the moment about how can i add startup script to the disto. 

And about drivers thingy, i am just talking in general like if there is a
new version of graphic card for instance so windows come up with a drivers
for that but windows which is running over virtual machine wont be able to
get that as it would take few months to hv drivers for linux. Well usually
linux drivers comes after 3-4 months of windows one. So thats a drawback i
was telling about...nothing much really. 

>But why would ANY NORMAL person use virtualization at all? 
Well there are many normal users who prefer having running two OS, so they
go for partitioning disk and all but virtualization could help out without
partioning the sys. Well There are many users who use computers in business
and are not a computer freak and just want 2 or more OS for watever reason .
So they just want a simple approach to start OS. 
So i just meant that at the moment its not that user friendly that anyone
could start that up and perform basic task.
Well the problem that i am trying to get on with simple that i am looking
over the prospects if our clients use XEN to have windows OS without knowing
anything about linux host. Which i think would not work for atleast 1 to 2

At the moment i think xen is good among the comp freaks with in big
companies to solve their general problems . Can not be promoted on a large
scale till it becomes user friendly...

Well and yeh what about xen express. I have not tried that yet. Which distro
does it included inn.. I would definately give it a try. 

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