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RE: [Xen-users] XEN future....? RESEARCH :- Do participate.....

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  • Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 10:44:47 +0100
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> Yeah i totally agree with all of you..
> >The only possible thing that I can see taking Xen on is 
> VMWare and their 
> product is now free.
> Is vmware really free now, i didnt knew that. Yeah Vmware 
> player is free but
> i dont think workstation. But is there a lot any much 
> difference between
> them as both can have virtual machines on top.
> Well one more point was coming into my mind.....
> well is it possible to start the virtual machine in XEN directly with
> reboot. I mean without going to Linux Host OS.
> well many users who use windows wont go and pick up linux but if its
> possible to directly start the windows virtual machine with 
> reboot then user
> doesnt have to deal with linux host and could get what he/she 
> wants with
> better performance, security and things like that...But i doubt if its
> possible or not..?

Are you asking "is it possible to run Xen without Linux?" or "is it
possible to automatically start a VM on top of Xen+Linux when it

The answer to the first question is "No"[1]. The answer to the second
form of the question is definitely "Yes", you can add a startup script
to your Linux distribution and make the VM start automagically when you
boot Linux. 

[1] Xen requires SOME host-OS. It can be other things than Linux - there
have been ports of Xen running with other OS's, but it's almost
necessary that it's a "unix-like" OS, such as Solaris or some

> >This is a generic linux problem which I'm not going to dicsuss here. 
> Yeah this is linux problem but as xen depends upon all the 
> linux drivers so
> here xen gets effected ...if you have new drivers for windows 
> but you are
> running it as a virtual machine over XEN then you might not 
> be able to get
> the drivers installed as it depends on linux drivers which are well
> late...well this is what i think..
> Correct me if m wrong.

Exactly what type of drivers are you talking about? What is the problem
you're trying to solve (or are you writing a paper on the subject of
"What is the difference between running Windows on bare-metal and on top
of Xen?". Do you have a case-in-point of a driver that you require for
your system to work, that exists under Windows but doesn't under Xen? Is
this still about your hardware info?

> At the moment even i cant think of many good pts that why 
> would any normal
> person would use XEN. Well it is not so user friendly like 
> vmware n all are,
> Yeh if it become lil user friendly then i am sure that XEN WOULD RULE
> VIRTUALIZATION for sure......

But why would ANY NORMAL person use virtualization at all? Most people
don't use computers in a way where virtualization makes any sense in the
first place - so why would they want virtualization (whether it's easy
to use or not)? The average person uses a computer for:
1. Playing games.
2. Web-browsing and e-mail.
3. Writing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. 

Where does any of this get any "better" by running virtualization? What
problem are you trying to solve?

I'm not saying your statement is wrong, but it's like saying that a
Formula 1 car is difficult to drive, so why would a normal person want
one? Well they don't... 

That's of course not to say that efforts to make Xen more userfriendly
would go amiss - but it's not a "every-mans product". Virtualization is,
as of right now at least, a specialized niche, where people who need it
will do what's necessary to get there. 

Also, I believe the user-interface on for example XenExpress is a lot
nicer than that of the open source version of Xen. It's still free to
download. Have you tried it?


> But again its a matter of atleast 2 yrs i guess..
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