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[Xen-users] Xvd Problem

We recently added a disk to our Coraid SAN.  We've used tons of devices off of this SAN with Xen before, but this time we experienced some weird behavior.

I configured a DomU to have the device directly offered as a disk (i.e.  'phy/dev/etherd/e1.1,sdb1,rw').  When I tried to boot it, an xvd process showed up as usual.  However, it consumed 100% processor usage and the domain never started.  I also couldn't kill it without rebooting the machine.

The only thing about this device (that I can tell) is that it has a high device minor:

brw-rw---- 1 root disk 152, 272 Feb  4 01:25 /dev/etherd/e1.1

Does the Xen vbd have problems with these newer device nodes?

Jayson Vantuyl
Systems Architect

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