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Re: [Xen-users] RE: Fully virtualized guest boot problem

Petersson, Mats wrote:
I don't see anything wrong in the configuration or the log messages.
Yeah same here...I dont think anything is wrong with the config. So thats the reason i suggested him other distro so that if he couldnt get hold of
the problem, he could move onto more stable version of Xen with stable
distro if changing distro is not a problem.

Yes, but another option would be to use the stable xen releases from
XenSource. Most distro's use a "snapshot+bugfixes" approach to their
builds - they can't always sync their releases with the XenSource stable
releases, and thus will have to "live with" back-porting and patching
some particular version of Xen [just grabbing a new "latest" isn't a
good idea when stabilizing for release, cherry-picking the "best" of the
latest patches is a much better way - otherwise you may get some new
"badness" when fixing a particular problem].

Totally agree. Have had a variety of success (mostly none) when testing with Etch and/or unstable xen packages. Moved to build from src and went into production problem free within days. I am still happily using Etch packages for kernel image, modules, libc6-xen and xen-tools.

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