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[Xen-users] TWO NETWORKS

In attach you can find a previous possible solution to my problem: have two
network card and assign them to a domU.

I made it, but work only one of the two netowork.

I have OpenSuse 10.2. How can I do?



create the file /etc/xen/two-bridges  (make sure you make it executable)

the contents should look something like this:

/etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge $@ vifnum=0
/etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge $@ vifnum=1

(the $@ will be replaced by either start or stop)

then in the xm config files (usually /etc/xen/DomUname):

vif=['bridge=xenbr0']  #(to put it in the bridge with eth0)
vif=['bridge=xenbr1']  #(to put it in the bridge with eth1)

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