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[Xen-users] LIVE CDs and Debian Packages

Two Questions:
First though, I just subscribed to Xen-users list and have not yet been authorized as a member of the list so will anyone responding to my email also send a copy of your email to thilts33@xxxxxxxxxx

1. Are there any recent Xen Live CDs or DVDs and if so can I have a url in order to download the iso file?

2. Are there any recent Xen binaries that integrate well with Debian? There seems to be little to no activity on the Debian-User list.with only one or two people having successfully established a Xen system. There also seems to be some kind of problem with the single 686 Xen package which seems to have replaced an older AMD package which has disappeared.

I am going to see if I can contact some Debian people that are working on the Xen project but any wiki information is now dated and needs to be updated. Also, I will update the Debian-Users list with any information I get from the xen-users list. regarding my 2 questions.

Thanks, Ted

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