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Re: [Xen-users] Is Xen and Qemu serial driver code related ?

Thanks Mats. I added these few lines in qemu source (xen was too much for me - sorry), rebuild and serial.log produced by qemu is here: http://www.p-rom.si/serial.log
The last few lines before data download stops are:

RX: 6f
RX: 6e
RX: 36
RX: 20
RX: 20
RX: 20
RX: 20

Ah, you may want to add "fflush(serial_log);" at each instance of fprintf that 
you added, just to make sure the last bit of data is sent to the log-file!


Yes. The the new complete log is http://www.p-rom.si/serial_flush.log
Basically we have to DL 60 packeges. (3C-00 hex) The PC sends 30 byte request with package number, and then data is received. But when the package 09 is requested, no data is received and communication stops.


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