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Re: [Xen-users] Very slow drives, I/O - DMA issues?

>>> On 2/20/07, Lonny Selinger <lonny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Ok so based on previous suggestions I did a mkinitrd:
>>>> mkinitrd -f --preload=ide-disk --preload=ide-generic
>>>> /boot/initrd-
>>>> Upon looking further in the /lib/modules of the xen kernel I'm not seeing
>>>> any
>>>> other potential candidates to try preloading. When I made the initrd
>>>> without
>>>> the preload parameters, my drives weren't found. Does anyone have any
>>>> suggestions on what I should put into the initrd or specify explicitly in
>>>> order to have my drives recognized properly?
>>> This is the driver:
>>> NFORCE2: IDE controller at PCI slot 0000:00:09.0
>>> Run "kmodule"?
>>> "cat /etc/modprobe.conf" might hint at something also.
>> Thanks again Jerry, I had tried both of those previously and found nothing
>> related to the nforce chipset:
>> # kmodule
>> NETWORK forcedeth
>> SCSI aic7xxx
>> AUDIO snd-intel8x0
>> USB ehci-hcd
>> USB ohci-hcd
>> USB ohci-hcd
>> And modprobe.conf makes no reference either. The only deduction is the
>> driver
>> is compiled into the original CentOS kernel and not included as a module nor
>> is it included in the ramdisk image as one. I'm assuming I have to compile a
>> Xen kernel from source. I can't seem to find any kind of archive that points
>> to where I can get the sources or a method for building them.
>> Does anyone have a link? or possibly another suggestion?
>> Thanks again!!
I'm currently doing a make world on the xen sources and it's building the
kernel ... something tells me this is going to make no difference, it looks
like exactly the same output from when I did a src.rpm install and doesn't
prompt you for any options in the kernel, suggesting all I'm doing is taking a
longer road to the same desitnation. I need to figure out how to build a
custom xen kernel and see if I can figure out which IDE driver I need (by name
in the kernel build)

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