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[Xen-users] Problem with automatic VM (domU) creation


I worte a little perl script, which asks me how many xen guests I want to 
create, e.g. 3 , and the
it creates 3 xen-guests automatically. The basis is an installed 
debian-guest-vm, which would be 
just renamed and copied, and its config file at /etc/xen.

My Question:
I successfully create the new config file, with a new hostname, and new 
ipaddress, but when I want
to automatically start the new vm with:

xm xreate <newconfigfile>

it boots up, but its hostname and ip address is not the (new) one i configured 
in the
/etc/xen/<newconfigfile>, but the one of the basis image!

Wheres the mistake?

Thank you,


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