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Re: [Xen-users] Possible Broadcom-related problem?

James Fidell wrote:

> I'm configuring Xen on a blade in an Intel SBCE.  Currently I'm using
> Fedora Core 6 with all patches installed and the Xen 3.0.3 RPMs that are
> part of that distribution, in the default configuration.
> When xend is started it appears that the network bridging breaks
> something such that although I can see ARP traffic (possibly all
> broadcast traffic?) arriving, no ICMP/TCP/UDP packets appear to
> reach the machine.  Running
>   /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge stop
> returns things to normal.
> Reading around it looks like some people have ascribed this problem to
> a problem with the Broadcom NICs used on the blades, but I've upgraded
> the firmware to 1.9.6 (the latest I can find) with no obvious change in
> behaviour.
> I have a very similar configuration (FC6/same kernel/same xen RPMs/same
> default configuration) running ok on a different box, so I don't believe
> I've got anything too seriously wrong software-wise.
> Any ideas on why might be wrong and/or how to fix it?  Obviously I could
> change to a routed network connection, but I'd very much prefer the
> bridged option if at all possible.

For the record, in case it's useful to someone else:

I've spent a fair bit more time on this now, and tried both the latest
intel NIC firmware update (v1.9.3) and the latest IBM update (v1.9.6).
Neither one, by itself, fixes the problem.  The intel update is part of
a package of firmware updates, but I have only applied the NIC update.

I also discovered this:


Running the uxdiag commands given in that posting after the upgrade and
rebooting does fix the problem, in that I can now start xend without
the bridged network killing connectivity.


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