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Re: [Xen-users] Creation of additional image within a domU

> Perhaps this question is a little basic for this list but I'm not
> really sure of the simplest method or best tool for the job.
> I've created some images with `dd=/dev/zero ....` and I'm using them
> for the domUs now. Some of them have been running for a few months
> with no probs. Trouble is that I'd like to create a separate partition
> within the domU. Options:-
> 1 - use fdisk? Not sure if that's possible for a file-based image.
> Can't run it within the domU
> 2 - run dd to create another partiton? Not sure how that would work
> 3 - create the new image from scratch and create the new partition as
> required and tell /etc/fstab about it.

Well, this is interesting, are you currently exporting the file-based block 
device to the guest as a whole device, or as a partition?

If the latter, then you could just attach another file-based block device as 
another partition (just add it in the dom0 config and it should show up in 
the guest).  If the former then you'll need to either repartition your 
existing VBD (e.g. resize the filesystem in the current VBD) or add a new one 
then partition it from within the guest.

There are probably other ways of doing this too.....  With more information 
about your current setup it should be easier to give more specific 


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