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[Xen-users] Ubuntu Dom1 on Xen HVM no MBR on partition

Ubuntu doesnt boot in xen HVM, just gives a black screen. So what i did was install ubuntu on a hard drive in a different machine, then plug that hard drive into my server via usb cable. It took some work because i am new to xen AND linux, but i got it working perfectly. Now what i am trying to do is transfer the ubuntu install off of the external 10gb hard drive onto my 640gb raid onto a 120gb partition. I used rsync to copy all the data over and use this line in the config file "disk = ['phy:/dev/sda3,ioemu:hda,w" but it wont boot, i am assuming the reason is because the partition i've made and copied the files to has no MBR. How can i fix this?
Michael Wineland
Ideal Solution, LLC
517-485-2650 ext 228
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