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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Enterprise and templates


Have you tried asking about this on the XenSource customer forums?  Most 
people on this list use the open source Xen and don't know so much about 

Have you tried adding another filesystem section?  You just need to figure out 
what "function" you need to put in there - I'm not sure what's supposed to go 
there for an ordinary storage disk.


On Tuesday 27 February 2007 11:56, Angel L. Mateo wrote:
> Hello,
>       I am trying to use Xen Enterprise (its free version). Until now I have
> no problem, but now I want to create a new virtual machine based in
> debian etch, not debian sarge (the debian version included in xen
> templates). So I am looking for a way to create my own template, but I
> haven't found any documentation about that.
>       Looking the files, I have found that templates are stored in a .xgt
> file, that it's a zip file that contains a tar.bz2 for the file system
> and a template.dat file that describes the contents:
> (xgt
>   (xgt-version 4)
>   (xgt_restricted 'true')
>   (name 'Debian Sarge Guest Template')
>   (rootfs-type 'ext3')
>   (description 'Debian for XenEnterprise')
>   (distrib debian)
>   (root-vbd sda1)
>   (boot_params "quiet")
>   (filesystem
>     (uri root.tar.bz2)
>     (function root)
>     (type tar-wholedisk)
>     (vbd sda)
>     (total_size 5368709120)
>     (used_size 455628081)
>   )
>   (filesystem
>     (uri 'swap.img')
>     (function swap)
>     (type img)
>     (vbd sdb)
>     (total_size 536870912)
>     (used_size 536870912)
>   )
> )
>       I have tried to put a root.tar.bz2 with debian etch contents and then
> create a new etch.xgt with this new tar.bz2 and it works, but the
> problem is that I want to split the image between varios file systems,
> so I could have a /usr and /var partition in the image. So I have tried
> to put more (filesystem ....) entries in the file, but then I can't
> create de VM.
>       Is there any documentation explaining how to create my own template?
> How do I have to put varios filesystems in the template.dat file?

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