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Re: [Xen-users] Possible to run Xen inside QEMU?

I run Xen with kqemu on my pre-VT laptop so that I can have a development 
environment.  I heard that the Xen LiveCD was being used as a regression test 
for QEmu.  So I'd expect it to work, anyhow...

When you try without noreboot, does Qemu instantly reboot after Xen is loaded 
or does anything seem to happen?

What version of Qemu?  I'm having success with (I think) 0.9.0 at the moment.  
What version of Xen are you running on it?

Can you post your grub.conf from the OS installed in Qemu?


On Sunday 01 April 2007 11:46, Johannes Formann wrote:
> Hello,
> to test a few setups I thought running Xen inside QEMU might be
> possible.
> But when I tried it, Xen fails to boot, when using "noreboot" I did not
> find any error-message:
> <http://picpaste.de/Q_Screenshot_1.png>
> Is it impossble, oder did I something wrong? (The "normal" Kernel boot
> fine)
> regards
> Johannes
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