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[Xen-users] xentop and vcpu-list???

I have a couple of questions.
on Xentop:
In Xentop what does the NETS column mean. I see a NETTX and a NETRX, and i think they mean the number of network bytes transmitted and received.
Also what does the VBDs number mean.  Is that the number of block device IO operations? or the number of IO bytes.
on vcpu-list:
I expected that at any point of time a pcpu would have only 1VMID in "r" state on it. But when I dump vcpu-list, i notice that on a single pcpu, there is more than 1 o2 vms in"r' state. What does that mean?
Isn't the 'r' state the run state, (or does it mean something else)  if so how can we have two vms on a single pcpu.
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