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[Xen-users] Multiples LVs

Hi, i have been reading about xen-tools and i think it's great, but i have
some question and i couldn't find anything in google. Here is mi scenario:

I have a  base installation of xen (Dom0) and i want to install the DomUs
using LVM, but i don't want a single partition with everithing in there, i
want separate partitions (boot, usr, var, home, root and swap). I know how
to do this manually, but i would like to do it automatically using
xen-tools, but all the examples i found use an unique LVM partiton with
everithing in there (boot, usr, var, etc).

Can you tell me how to make a domain 0 using diferent LVMs partitions???





PD: sorry about my english but i speak spanish

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