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[Xen-users] Create and mount new volumes on running guest?

I'm looking into using Xen and I was wondering if it's possible to
create and add a new volume on a running guest?  

For instance, say I have a bunch of unallocated space on an LVM
physical volume on dom0.  I have a running domU system that needs more
disk.  Can I create a new lv on dom0 and make it available to domU
without rebooting domU?  If so, how does it look from domU's

In a related question, can I grow volumes while domU is running?  I
imagine it would look like (1) grow volume on dom0, (2) grow volume on
domU, (3) resize FS on domU.  

And I'll just throw this out there:  I'm thinking about virtualizing a
lot of servers that I really don't want to reboot.  Are there any
situations in Xen where a reboot is required where it usually isn't
when running straight on the hardware?  Are there any situations that
normally require a reboot that Xen allows me to avoid rebooting?


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