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Re: [Xen-users] Create and mount new volumes on running guest?

For instance, say I have a bunch of unallocated space on an LVM
physical volume on dom0.  I have a running domU system that needs more
disk.  Can I create a new lv on dom0 and make it available to domU
without rebooting domU?  If so, how does it look from domU's

You can assign new block devices to a domU while the domU is running with "xm block-attach". Wether that's a lv, an iscsi disc or a disc image should not matter.

In a related question, can I grow volumes while domU is running?  I
imagine it would look like (1) grow volume on dom0, (2) grow volume on
domU, (3) resize FS on domU.

I did not try that myself and read different things about it.
But if you say "grow volume on domU", that sounds like you (want to) run lvm in domU again, which should not be necessary imho.


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