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Re: [Xen-users] Convert HVM to paravirtualized guest

On Thu, Apr 05, 2007 at 02:56:11PM -0500, Larry A Weidig wrote:
>       We are just starting to work with Xen and so far have been
> pleased with the results.  The host system is running Fedora Core 6 with
> all of the latest kernel/xen updates.  
>       One of our first projects was to create an HVM guest using an LV
> based disk for the guest.  It originally started out as a Fedora Core 3
> system, but has been upgraded using network updated to Fedora Core 6.  I
> believe we would see performance gains converting this guest system over
> to a paravirtualized guest.  Searching Google has not really told me if
> this is possible and if so, what the steps would be to accomplish this. 
>       Has anybody done anything like this and if so can you outline
> the necessary steps to make this work?  Thanks!

Shouldnt be too hard, i see those steps:

- within the HVM-domU install the fedora xen-kernel, this gives you the
kernelmodules. This kernel should match the one running in the dom0. If
the kernels are different, just copy in the kernelmodules from the dom0-

- the HVM uses one disk-file containing partitiontable and partitions with
the system. Swap-partitions can be created new on the dom0 (with dd and
mkswap), the partitions within the HVM-diskfile can be mounted in dom0 with
'losetup -o ..' or can be copied out from the running HVM via network with
ssh and tar.

- generate a new xen-configfile for the paravirt. guest; using the new disk-
files and the xen-kernel.


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