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Re: [Xen-users] Running State Ram Upgrade

> How and is it posible to do a ram upgrade on a xen vm while running?
> And if so how would I do something like that?

The command you want is xm mem-set

You'll also want to set the maximum memory allowed to the domain (xm
mem-max) appropriately in order to control this.

Finally, IIRC, you'd need to set up the domU so that it's expecting the
RAM upgrade; either start it with the largest amount of memory it'll
ever have or set "memmap=xx" on the extra= section of the config file.
This gets appended to the kernel commandline to tell the kernel how much
memory (at most) to expect so it can size its data structures

I set "memmap=4G" in my domUs so that they can always handle up to 4G of
memory if necessary.  It would be nicer to have the memory map resized
automatically; I seem to remember talk of allowing this in generic Linux
so maybe we'll be able to leverage this one day!


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