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Re: [Xen-users] Building 3.0.4 from source - recommended kernel version?

Sorry for the delay in responding...

I can't remember if this question has been answered.

> I want to build xen 3.0.4 from source. It uses 2.6.16 by default. Is it 
> sufficient (and save?) to change
> LINUX_VER    =
> in file
> buildconfigs/mk.linux-2.6-xen
> to a newer version (say or what other changes are necessary?

Sadly no, porting the Xen patches to a newer version of the kernel is a
fairly large operation.

If there are specific features you want to gain, you might find it's
easier to backport them from 2.6.20...

Alternatively, the -unstable (soon to be 3.0.5) tree uses Linux 2.6.18.
The paravirt-ops patches are generally kept up to date with the current
Linux release, since they're being written for eventual inclusion in the
Linux mainline.  They may not have the full featureset of the patches
from the Xen tree and have not had quite as much real-world use.
They're posted to LKML frequently, so you would be able to grab a set
from there if you're feeling brave ;-)


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