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Re: [Xen-users] Questions related to iSCSI storage for DomU

> >> I've two questions related to the use of a shared iSCSI storage for the
> >> DomU
> >
> > I believe the general consensus is to use iSCSI in dom0, not in domU.
> > It's been discussed before...
> Yes, I've my iSCSI initiator configured in Dom0 not in DomU. But in my
> message I was asking about having the swap partition of DomU in the
> network storage or in the local Dom0 and about persistent iSCSI names for
> the DomU devices.

I can't remember if this portion was answered, but you'd need to have
the swap in network storage: otherwise, a domU could swap stuff out to
storage, then be migrated to another host and not be able to access the
stuff it'd swapped out.  So swap needs to always be available.


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