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[Xen-users] slow performance and PV-drivers with Win2k3 VM

 I am running opensuse with kernel (xen 3.0.4).
 I've managed to install a full virtualized Win2k3 Server. Using a
sparse file as the disk for this VM.
 The performance of the disk is quite disappointing:

- HDTUNE shows me a performance of 5 MB/s inside this VM - compared to
about 90 MB/s when running natively a Win2k3 server on this harware.

I've seen that Xen Express contains some Windows drivers on the CD but I
am having some questions about this:
- does that comply with any licensing terms of XenSource, installing the
drivers outside of XenExpress?
- when getting the PV SCSI-driver by using these drivers - how can I
migrate my exsiting IDE disk in the VM to a disk that is attached to the
PV SCSI-interface card in the VM?
- Do the drivers of the Xen Express 3.2 CD work with my version of Xen
- I've been unable to find good information so far. Did I search in the
wrong places?
- what is a typical performance degression I should expect in my Windows

Thanks for helping me understanding this scenario.


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