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Re: [Xen-users] CPU activity: top and xm top

> > Will interrupts processed by hypervisor itself 
> > (without help of the Linux kernel) 
> > be visible in this file?
> No, that's exactly what I said: Xen will process a few of the interrupts
> without handing them to Dom0. 

Thank you, I understand.

> I have a hard time thinking those should amount to 20% tho'. 

But as far as I know top show not only user process load, 
but system processes also.
If kernel (not hypervisor) uses CPU processing interrupts 
(or for any other task) it should be visible in top,
shouldn't it?

> However, bear in mind that when you start xend, it sets your network
> card to promiscuous mode, which means that it's going to accept ALL
> incoming traffic present on the network segment you're on, even if it's
> not addressed to your machine. If you're on the same network as a few
> busy computers, you'll receive quite a bit of network traffice that
> isn't for you (but still received by your machine, because it's on the
> same network). You should see that in /proc/interrupts for your network
> card tho'. 

I must note.

1) I use switched environment with low broadcast level in VLAN in
which the Xen machine in situated.

2) I have another Xen machine with similar configuration installed
in the same VLAN. xm top says that CPU load for that machine is near 0.

3) For the sake of experiment I can switch the first machine off the
network. I'm afraid that CPU load remains the same.

WBR, i.m.chubin

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