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Re: [Xen-users] uniq mac address generator


> But How i can insure that mac geneareted by this script will
> be uniq in whole world. Some body in the same network also
> might use the same script
> and can get the same  mac as i am .

You can add a little python to your config files. That way
you can bind the MAC to the vmid parameter. The vmid
code is directly extracted off the example configuration.

# This function checks that 'vmid' has been given a valid value.
# It is called automatically by 'xm create'.
def vmid_check(var, val):
    val = int(val)
    if val <= 0:
        raise ValueError
    return val

# Define the 'vmid' variable so that 'xm create' knows about it.
            use="Virtual machine id. Integer greater than 0.",

# Check the defined variables have valid values..

# One virtual interface
vif = [ 'mac=00:11:25:67:30:%0.2x,rate=1024B/s' % vmid ]

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