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RE: [Xen-users] Lost my Vista VM

I couldn't get my PC to run regular Xen (network issues), went with 
XenEnterprise (the free one), as it has the lastest 3.0.4 in it (which 
fixes my network issues). At this time I am evaluating if Xen if for 
me.. Had some bad luck with KVM as well.

The machine shows up on the list.. How do I get it's IP :)

That's all I really need so I could rdesktop into it.



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> All,
> I installed Vista on Xen yesterday, but it no longer shows up on my 
> Admin console.

What does "xm list" say? It may not be a Xen-problem, but more of "admin 
console", which I take is some sort of GUI to administrate domains - 
that belongs to whoever produces that (XenEnterprise, RedHat, SuSE, 
etc), as this is a mailing list for the Open Source Xen itself, not 
additional extras supplied by other commercial entities
> Disk space still shows 30G used by it.
> Also, how do I eject CDROM while Xen is running :)

xm block-detach <cdrom-device>
Then you can eject as usual. [If you're using a graphical 
user-interface, there's probably some clever menu/button to perform this 
operation, but that's beyond what I know, so you'll have to ask the 
producer of the graphical user-interface for that functionality]

> Thanks,
> Andrey
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