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Re: [Xen-users] Problem: mount: none already mounted or /dev/pts busy ??

Dylan Martin schrieb:
> I thought you couldn't specify partitions in a domU config file.  
> [ 'phy:/dev/lvg1/dummy_root,hda1,w', 
>   'phy:/dev/lvg1/dummy_usr,hda2,w',
>   'phy:/dev/lvg1/dummy_home,hda3,w' ]
> The guest OS will think /dev/hda1, /dev/hda2, /dev/hda3 etc.. are
> whold block devices and not partitions on a single block device.  That
> would cause what you are seeing, I think.  I think you need a single
> lv that you partition up, or multiple lvs that act as multiple block
> devices.
> AmI wrong about that?  I'm pretty new to Xen, and I'm playing with
> that exact thing, so I'd love to know if I'm wrong.
> -Dylan
Yes, you are wrong about that. Ive got some guests running in the same
way, so it is definitely possible. The guests I installed before are
still working (and booting) perfectly on the same dom0, I tried it out.
Thats why I dont understand the problem. :-/ Really strange.

Maybe it has something to do with etch, because my ohter guests are
still running on sarge.

Hopefully I can figure it out tomorrow. I will post my result.



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