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RE: [Xen-users] Eval XEN 3.2 - Provide disk with data for DomU

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Hi Artur,


I have log into the root console of Xen. I can only display some files.

How can I find and edit the configuration file of xen or the wm  configuration file ?







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Hello, Kelly,


            Ad 1, - no idea, but I would be also interested very much in that question. As far as I know, You can use another driver in the xen configuration:

Instead of


vif = [ 'type=ioemu, mac=aa:00:b0:00:00:11, bridge=xenbr0' ]


use something like


vif = [ 'type=ioemu, mac=00:16:3e:00:00:11, bridge=xenbr0, model=ne2k_pci' ]


- I’ve tested it some weeks ago, but as far as I remember, this reported me a different HW in Windows, but also only 100MBit...


            Ad 2, Following lines in the configuration file

disk = [ 'file:/xen/vserver/images/vm_w2k3srv.img,hda,w',


         'phy:/dev/sda1,ioemu:hdd,r' ]


            Offered me windows with 3 disks – first one system disk with windows system, second one CDROM, third one with the partition, which is NTFS formatted with some windows data, which are readable (and, this looks strange, but are also writable, even if I specified the parameter „r“ in the configuration above – is this OK?).


                        With regards,




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I am very new to XEN, as to Linux OS too.


Our organization has about 25 Windows 2003 Servers.

I am willing to consolidate as many servers as possible. For this project, I have been testing Xen v3.2 (upgraded from a v3.1) for about 2 months only.

My current test plateform consist of one PC with C2D cpu, 2 Go RAM, and 1 SATA2 disk. I have XEN 3.2 running, and 2 VM guest (windows 2003) running also. At this stage, I would like to submit the 2 “problems” below.


Problem 1 : The Xen Host has a 1000BT Lan card. Within the VMs, le PV Nics only show 100 Mbps. Is there any way to have the PV Nics run at 1 Gbps ?


Problem 2 : I have added a 2nd SATA2 disk already formatted in NTFS and populated with data. I want at least 1 VM (win2003) to be able to access that disk and share its content to all Lan clients.

At Xen console the command ‘fdisk –l’ shows this additional disk. What are the other steps to have the whole disk shown under a given guest ?


Thanks in advance,


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