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[Xen-users] Fw: [workspace-dev] Workspace Release TP 1.2.3

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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 16:25:28 -0500
From: Kate Keahey <keahey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: workspace-dev@xxxxxxxxxx, workspace-announce@xxxxxxxxxx,
workspace-user@xxxxxxxxxx Subject: [workspace-dev] Workspace Release TP 1.2.3 

We are happy to announce the release TP 1.2.3 of the Workspace Service.
The new release adds features enabling partition management for VMs 
scheduled to be deployed: partitions can be mounted on deployment and 
blank partitions of a required size can be automatically generated. In 
addition, we added HTTP transfer adapter for staging, improved 
scheduling criteria, and added a User Quickstart guide.

For a detailed changelog, see the TP 1.2.3 documentation:

You can download the new release from:

This release has a technology preview status: both interfaces and
implementation are likely to change to some extent. Some features are
planned for future releases and have been documented as such.

We welcome comments, feedback, and bug reports. Information about the 
project, software downloads, documentation and instructions on how to 
join the workspace-user mailing list for support questions can be found 
at: http://workspace.globus.org/

The Workspace Team

Kate Keahey,
Mathematics & CS Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Computation Institute, University of Chicago

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