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RE: [Xen-users] How-To pin Dom0 to CPU

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>> Subject: [Xen-users] How-To pin Dom0 to CPU
>> I've looked online and searched through alot of the archives
>> but I haven't
>> found a good explanation with the associated commands to pin
>> Dom0 (or a
>> DomU) to a certain cpu. I would like Dom0 to be pinned to CPU0 core0
>> (2xdual-core opterons) and then let all the other DomU's only
>> have 1 CPU
>> but they can use any of the other 3 cores left open. Dom0
>> will have its
>> own core.
>> Can someone give me some examples on how I would do that?
> You can do this by setting (com0-cpus n), where n is the number of CPU's
> you want to use. It picks from the low to high numbers, so you if you
> set it to 1, it will pick CPU0, if you set it to 3, it will pick CPU0,
> CPU1, CPU2, and so on. This is done in /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp.
> You'll then have to set CPUS=... in config file for the guest, e.g.
> cpus="1-3" or cpus="1". You can also use regular expression inversion:
> cpus="^0-1", which means "any but 0 and 1".
>> I appreciate the help with this problem.
>> Ryan

How can you tell if a DomU is bound to a certain CPU? I added cpus="^0" in
its config and restarted the DomU but I only see it listed as VCPU 0, I
don't see where it states that this DomU's VCPU is attached to CPU 1 (only
a 2 processor single core system).


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