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[Xen-users] Status of frequency scaling


I would like to know the status of the frequency scaling in XEN. I found a web site saying that XEN doesnât work with frequency scaling, at the other hand I found some fixes for powernow-k8 to get rid of some messages.

I have an AMD64. powerno-k8 works find with non-XEN kernels, but with XEN-kernels I get the error:

powernow-k8: Found 1 AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+ processors (version 
powernow-k8: BIOS error - no PSB or ACPI _PSS objects

This is normally a BIOS error and a BIOS update can fix it, but it works for me with non-XEN kernels, so in my case it canât be a BIOS problem.

So any information is welcome. Thanks!

Shade and sweet water!


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