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Re: [Xen-users] Need help setting up guest's networking

On Sun, 2007-04-29 at 10:53 -0500, Yevgeniy Goldberg wrote:
> My physical eth1 is currently unused.
> It may be a good idea for me to use that in association with xen bridge.
> How do I make xen bridge to use eth1 instead of eth0?
> Once I do that, I should be able to assign a local IP to it without  
> loosing Internet connectivity for Dom0.
> Then I will follow the rest of your plan.

you would do that with ifconfig and brctl, see the functions
in /etc/xen/scripts/* for a better blow by blow of how to accomplish
(manually) the stuff that Xen does.

This should get you going for a test :

brctl addbr brtest
brctl stp brtest off
brctl setfd brtest off

ip link set brtest arp off
ip link set brtest multicast off

Now, use ifconfig to assign the static IP / netmask to testbr like you
would any other network interface.


brctl addif testbr eth1

At this point, you have enslaved eth1 to brtest. You would then need to
specify brtest to your dom-u in the bridge= part of the vif[] array in
its configuration file. 

Bridged networking is a big vitamin to swallow if your not used to it,
so don't get discouraged over it. Many seasoned GNU/Linux administrators
draw a blank on it simply because they have never had to bother with it

Let the list know how it goes. If you eliminate the DHCP server as the
cause (i.e. test bridge is no go too), I'm sure someone else can help
you pick up on nailing this down. I'm off to 24 hours of R&R where there
is no electricity, much less computers :)


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