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[Xen-users] ACL for DomUs


I'm courious about how to implement access control lists for our Dom0. I read 
some articles about sHype/ACM and Xen. But haven't found any practical 
documentation on how to really implement this.

I'd need some basic features like allowing a certain user group to 
start/stop/pause/unpause a domain (without giving them root access to the 
dom0). Maybe also permissions to create new domains (within limits or based 
on templates)...

I found the enomalism project, which looks really promising 
(http://www.enomalism.com/) but if such things work with a nice web-gui how 
could it be done with plain Xen?


Dipl.-Ing. Reinhard Brandstaedter
ZID - Zentraler Informatik Dienst

Johannes-Kepler-Universitaet Linz
Altenbergerstrasse 69
A-4040 linz

phone:  +43 732 2468 1368
email:  reinhard.brandstaedter@xxxxxx

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