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[Xen-users] Block device sharing

Hi list,

I have been successfully sharing block devices read/write between guest domains 
on different dom0's using ocfs2. This has worked well without incident until 
now when I tried to share the underlying block device between 2 domU's on the 
same dom0. I get the following message:

Using config file "/mnt/xen/configs/machines/mail1".
Error: Device 5633 (vbd) could not be connected.
Device /dev/evms/shared/mail is mounted in a guest domain,
and so cannot be mounted now.

I read the following in the Xen users manual:

Xend will attempt to prevent you from doing
this by checking that the device is not mounted read-write in domain 0,
and hasn't already been exported read-write to another domain. If you
want read-write sharing, export the directory to other domains via NFS
from domain 0 (or use a cluster file system such as GFS or ocfs2).

So xend is obviously successful in stopping me, but since I am using ocfs2, I 
would like to permit it anyway. I haven't managed to find the answer from 
google. Does anybody know how to tell Xen to allow block device sharing?



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