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[Xen-users] dual versus quad core

Of the below, is the dual core or the quad core system more
cost-effective (everything else being equal)?  This server's mission
will be to run backup (ie, in the event of a disaster) web and mysql
services separated by Xen.  

More generally, what are Xen's issues vis-a-vis cpu cores?  Does/will it
take good advantage of a quad core cpu?  Dual core?

(We confirmed that the IBM System x3550 is listed at
http://hcl.xensource.com/?showall=yes&subtab=systems as VT-capable and

(i'm not subscribed to the mailing list so pls include my address on
your email.)

Thank you!

system 1: dual core:
IBM System x3550  $10,663.25 with
Dual Core Intel Xeon 5160 3.0GHz 2x2MB L2 Cache Dual Core Processor
Addl Dual Core Intel Xeon 5160 3.0GHz 2x2MB L2 Cache Xeon

system 2: quad core:
IBM System x3550  $11,049.15 with
Quad-Core Intel Xeon Proc E5345 (2.33GHz 8MB L2 1333MHz 80W)
Addl Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor E5345 (2.33GHz 1333MHz 80w)

George Herson

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