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Re: [Xen-users] Xen, Heartbeat2 and live migration


> it seems that Suse 10 SP1 allows to migrate Xen VMs between Heartbeat
> nodes using live migration, where other distros just stop them on a
> node and start them on another node.
I don't see any sense to use live migration to get up and running a system that fails on an other node!

If heartbeat does not response anymore I assume that either the dom0 with all domUs crashed, so a migration of any domU is not possible at all, or the specific domU is dead and you will get a dead domU on the new system after migration too (I don't know if you can migrate a dead system)!

So if the "source" system does not answer anymore, the only way to get it up and running is to start it again on the same or on a different node.

Live migration is only good for load balancing and planned maintanance issues, not for high availability!

Chau y hasta luego,


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