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RE: [Xen-users] Xen, Heartbeat2 and live migration

> Of course, if a node goes down in such a setup, the guests on that
> most likely can't be migrated, but have to be restarted from the
> original config files - because if the machine has failed, it's not
> likely to be "alive enough" to support migration.

I've thought about using Heartbeat to manage domains across various
nodes - my biggest fear is that if something went wrong in just the
right way your domain might start on one node while it was already
running on another, with the result of completely hosing all the
filesystems involved.

The only really bulletproof way around this would be for heartbeat to be
able to tell the SAN to only export the block device for that domain to
the active node, and it all becomes a bit complicated...


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