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Re: [Xen-users] Weird Problems w/ RAM and pciback.hide

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  • From: Stephan Seitz <s.seitz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2007 09:34:03 +0200
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Stephan Seitz schrieb:
> Hi listmembers,

Problems are solved.

> last night at the data-center I encountered two weird problems with two of 
> our Xen Servers.
> Hardware is Supermicro PDSMi and PDSMe. We tried to change RAM from 4GB 
> (4*1/667) to 8GB
> (4*2/667). One Board only shows a black screen, but this seems to be a BIOS 
> issue (rev1.1).
> The other one was booting xen3.1 PAE, but when it reached the the dom0 
> Kernel, it freezed.
> Adding a grub menu entry with dom0_mem=512M shows "Scrubbing Ram ........." 
> and freezes.
> The dom0 Kernel which is supposed to boot is also i386 PAE. Xen shows a 
> support Value of
> 16GB Ram. Is there any known issue on booting PAE w/ 8GB Ram?
> Oh besides, we recently tried the new Ram in another (unrelated) machine, and 
> did memtest86
> with no errors.

That problem was related to the BIOS versions on the SuperMicro PDSMi and PDSME 
(1.2a works
on both).

> My Question is now, should I look for Xen errors or report this error to the 
> vendor?
> Another, non memory related problem, was on a machine with pciback.hide in 
> the dom0
> and pci= in one domU config, to give one ISDN Card directly to one domU. This 
> works
> really nice, also the ISDN Card is running fine. But, when i shutdown this 
> particular
> domU, after unloading the kernelcapi, a Kernelpanic occurs, which randomly 
> freezes the
> whole machine. Since I'm using xm console, I was not able to see, if this 
> kernelpanic
> was reported from domU during shutdown or directly from dom0 with loss of 
> domU console
> connection.
> Is there any known problem on freeing domU pci devices?
> I tried this with xen3.1 PAE and xen distributed 3.1 kernel as well as with 
> Ubuntu
> xen-2.6.18-server (which is also PAE, but derived from 3.03 Xen).
> domU kernel was always xen distributed 3.1. PCI Device is a ISDN PCI Fritz! 
> Card from
> AVM, drivers were compiled with the particular kernelheaders from recent AVM 
> Sources.
> I compiled them directly in the running domU, the modules and kernelheaders 
> has been
> copied from dom0.

A newer kernel provided the information to try "pci=poll" before it freezed.
Changing the grub entry to 'pci=poll pciback.hide=(03:03.1)' solved this issue.

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