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[Xen-users] Weird Problems w/ RAM and pciback.hide

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  • From: Stephan Seitz <s.seitz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 13:44:37 +0200
  • Delivery-date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 04:43:10 -0700
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Hi listmembers,

last night at the data-center I encountered two weird problems with two of our 
Xen Servers.
Hardware is Supermicro PDSMi and PDSMe. We tried to change RAM from 4GB 
(4*1/667) to 8GB
(4*2/667). One Board only shows a black screen, but this seems to be a BIOS 
issue (rev1.1).
The other one was booting xen3.1 PAE, but when it reached the the dom0 Kernel, 
it freezed.
Adding a grub menu entry with dom0_mem=512M shows "Scrubbing Ram ........." and 
The dom0 Kernel which is supposed to boot is also i386 PAE. Xen shows a support 
Value of
16GB Ram. Is there any known issue on booting PAE w/ 8GB Ram?
Oh besides, we recently tried the new Ram in another (unrelated) machine, and 
did memtest86
with no errors.

My Question is now, should I look for Xen errors or report this error to the 

Another, non memory related problem, was on a machine with pciback.hide in the 
and pci= in one domU config, to give one ISDN Card directly to one domU. This 
really nice, also the ISDN Card is running fine. But, when i shutdown this 
domU, after unloading the kernelcapi, a Kernelpanic occurs, which randomly 
freezes the
whole machine. Since I'm using xm console, I was not able to see, if this 
was reported from domU during shutdown or directly from dom0 with loss of domU 
Is there any known problem on freeing domU pci devices?
I tried this with xen3.1 PAE and xen distributed 3.1 kernel as well as with 
xen-2.6.18-server (which is also PAE, but derived from 3.03 Xen).
domU kernel was always xen distributed 3.1. PCI Device is a ISDN PCI Fritz! 
Card from
AVM, drivers were compiled with the particular kernelheaders from recent AVM 
I compiled them directly in the running domU, the modules and kernelheaders has 
copied from dom0.

Thanks in advance!

...did I mention how boring a data center can be between 22:00 and 05:00 ? brrrr

Stephan Seitz
Senior System Administrator

*netz-haut* e.K.
multimediale kommunikation

zweierweg 22
97074 würzburg

fon: +49 931 2876247
fax: +49 931 2876248

web: www.netz-haut.de <http://www.netz-haut.de/>

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