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Re: [Xen-users] Searching for a Filesystem / Storage Solution

Hi Kyrios,

sorry because my english, I don't want to say that google fs can be purcharsed. I read some papers about Google fs, it looks great. The most similar fs that I found is Lustre fs, but until 2008 it will not have "Multi-server file RAID-1 (mirroring)" (acording to the clusterfs roadmap), so noadays clusterfs is not fault tolerant without shared storage. Some of the bigest cluster in the world use clusterfs. I found a blueprint from Sun Microsystems quite interesting, using clusterfs:



Kyrios wrote:
Hi Marc,

much thanks for your input!

I didn't know that GooFS can be purchased. I already thought that it would be a good solution.

Also if I find something else I will let you know.


On 7/5/07, *Marc Patino Gómez* <mpatino@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:mpatino@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi Kyrios,

    I have more or less the same problem than you. I don't want to buy an
    expensive SAN or NAS comercial solution. The solution to our problem
    will be the google filesystem but it is not opensource. I found some
    items to at to your list:

    - Lustre filesystem (CFS)
    - CLVM
    - Distributed RAID over iscsi ( I found some papers about it, in some
    days I will test it)

    I know that find a solution to it is dificult, it's not trivial to
    a system with the the following properties:

    - scalable
    - reliable
    - easy to manage
    - low cost


    Kyrios wrote:
    > Hi list :)
    > I'm currently planning to setup the following environment:
    > 4 - 16 physical nodes (starting with 4)
    > Each Node is a x86 Machine with 160GB Diskspace.
    > Each Node should run about 10 Virtual Machines.
    > Each Virtual Machine needs about 2GB Filesystem.
    > Live Migration should be used for maintenance times and to
    > redistribute the VMs depending on the load they generate.
    > Live Migration needs SAN Storage. Since SAN Storage is expensive
    > like to avoid buying a dedicated solution.
    > This is why I'm searching for a fault tolerant solution using the
    > hardware already available.
    > I already read articles about:
    > * LVS
    > * GFS
    > * DRBD
    > * GlusterFS
    > * GNBD
    > But now I'm totally confused.
    > Has anyone any good article or Howto on this issue?
    > What I'm looking for is a virtual Filesystem over all the nodes
    > can handle if one node goes down.
    > Current ideas are something like: Create Block Devices with DRBD
> 2 nodes each. Create a stripe over all available DRBDs using LVM and
    > export the Logical Volumes to the DomUs. The problem with that
    is that
> I'm "losing" half of the storage (mirroring) - which would be okay -
    > and worse that I would have a single point of failure (The server
    > which is exporting the Logical Volumes).
    > Would Xen work with some kind of cluster Filesystem?
    > I'm really totaly confused.
    > Best Regards
    > Thorsten
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