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Re: [Xen-users] Searching for a Filesystem / Storage Solution

Marc Patino Gómez wrote:
sorry because my english, I don't want to say that google fs can be purcharsed. I read some papers about Google fs, it looks great. The most similar fs that I found is Lustre fs, but until 2008 it will not have

AFAIK, google fs isn't really an FS like most of us know it. i mean, even if you sneak your linux box into the googleplex and manage to plug it in, you couldn't mount a filesystem and check it like directories and so on.

it's more like a peer-to-peer storage application. each box has a 'sharing' deamon, and some libraries to access the data. if you have the key to a file, you can read it; or maybe just migrate the file to your local system and read/write it there.

on top of that, there's the 'bigtable' system, to store huge amounts of data that you can process without really reading into your box; you just define the processes you want to be done on the data and it's applied by several boxes.

in short; not a general purpose file server; but hugely scalable, and wonderfully adapted to their needs.


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