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Re: [Xen-users] Push for Better Documentation

> I'm happy to work on this as well. I've recently compiled a fair few
> notes on Xen and have given introductory presentations on the subject.
> Plus, I'm a social sciences graduate. Which means I'm used to writing
> 1500+ coherent* words in a single sitting ;-)
> Shall we start with what constitutes "official" documentation? Are we
> going to adopt a manual or wiki approach?
> All the best,
> * Which also means I'm not terribly fond of the postmodernists.


I was thinking we should overhaul the existing wiki, rather than
trying to make a competing resource. 

I'm working on FAQ 2.0.  Right now I'm researching what the actual
frequently asked questions are.  Once I get something started, I'll
post it on the wiki as faq2 or something like that.  Then, if people
like it, I'll replace the current faq with my new faq.  

Does that sound like a good system?  What documentation would you like
to work on?

Again, Awesome!


P.S. I am also a social science graduate, but I can't write more than
5 coherent words at all...


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