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[Xen-users] HVM unmodified_drivers compatibility


I'm stuck using Xen 3.0.3 for a little while longer but would really like to be 
able to build the xen unmodified_drivers against a 2.6.20 FC6 kernel. But 3.0.3 
doesn't seem to build against this kernel (before its time). Using the 
unmodified_drivers from Xen 3.1 or xen-unstable I at least get a bit further 
when compiling but before I spend any more time looking at the compile errors I 
thought I better ask the good folks on the xen-users list a question: Are the 
unmodified_drivers from xen-3.1 backwards compatible with xen-3.0.3? If not do 
I have to upgrade to xen-3.1 to be able to build the unmodified_drivers for 

While I'm at it does anybody know of any good documentation for the 
unmodified_drivers? There seems to be so little help/faq/docs on the subject.



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