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Re: [Xen-users] HVM unmodified_drivers compatibility

> I'm stuck using Xen 3.0.3 for a little while longer but would really like
> to be able to build the xen unmodified_drivers against a 2.6.20 FC6 kernel.
> But 3.0.3 doesn't seem to build against this kernel (before its time).
> Using the unmodified_drivers from Xen 3.1 or xen-unstable I at least get a
> bit further when compiling but before I spend any more time looking at the
> compile errors I thought I better ask the good folks on the xen-users list
> a question: Are the unmodified_drivers from xen-3.1 backwards compatible
> with xen-3.0.3? If not do I have to upgrade to xen-3.1 to be able to build
> the unmodified_drivers for 2.6.20?

Backwards compatibility of that kind is not guaranteed, but I can't think of 
any changes that happened that would actually break it.  If there are any 
relevant compatibility options in the build process, you should switch them 
on though.  It can't hurt, in any case.

> While I'm at it does anybody know of any good documentation for the
> unmodified_drivers? There seems to be so little help/faq/docs on the
> subject.

Possibly in the archives of the list; I've not seen much documentation either.  
However if you have specific problems you might be able to ask for help on 
this list and figure out what's up.


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