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[Xen-users] Xen - the art of noobie


I have been reading many of the docs the past couple of days in preparation for my first xen server, however, I'm still having some trouble wrapping my mind around a few of the setup options when a firewall/gateway server is involved. I'm hoping the list can help me out.

My goal is an "all-in-one" small business domain controller/firewall which can be expanded via vm's to add local network servers/appliances.

I have three phyical interfaces:

WAN  -  peth0
LAN  -  peth1
WIFI -  peth2

Q1) I assume this is a fairly common setup. Are there any example howto's I can refer to?

Q2) I want to use a distribution like ebox-platform (Debian - Sarge ) to be my main gateway/firewall/dhcp/LDAP/ETC. Do I run the domain controller on Dom0 or DomU? The bridging and routing possibilities make my head spin.

Thanks for any help


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