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Re: [Xen-users] Xen - the art of noobie

Guillaume Lenoir wrote:
there's a big thread on bridging here :
Thanks! This is what I was looking for...should give me a good start anyway.

On a side note...What program are you guys using to make those fantastic diagrams?

For Q2, I'd assume you should run all services in DomU(s) and keep Dom0 for virtualization administration only.
having Dom0 configured only in the safest part of your network (LAN I'd guess). But that's just a quick assumption and I'm not even sure it's possible.


On Wed, 2007-07-11 at 12:00 -0500, Jim Canfield wrote:

I have been reading many of the docs the past couple of days in 
preparation for my first xen server, however, I'm still having some 
trouble wrapping my mind around a few of the setup options when a 
firewall/gateway server is involved. I'm hoping the list can help me out.

My goal is an "all-in-one" small business domain controller/firewall 
which can be expanded via vm's to add local network servers/appliances.

I have three phyical interfaces:

WAN  -  peth0
LAN  -  peth1
WIFI -  peth2

Q1) I assume this is a fairly common setup.  Are there any example 
howto's I can refer to?

Q2) I want to use a distribution like ebox-platform (Debian - Sarge ) to 
be my main gateway/firewall/dhcp/LDAP/ETC.  Do I run the domain 
controller on Dom0 or DomU?  The bridging and routing possibilities make 
my head spin.

Thanks for any help


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