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Re: [Xen-users] Re: FAQ Question 1.1; Hardware specififications

> > I think it's (FAQ-level) important to mention the minimum processor for
> > the latest version and mention that earlier versions can use older
> > processors(?).
> To clarify;
> Yes, 1.3 of the Hardware Guide is mentioned at 1.6 of the FAQ; but imo
> this critical information should be mentioned at 1.1
> What did older versions of Xen require?

Xen has does require P6 or above processors and it has done for absolutely 
ages.  It's probably just an oversight that it's not mentioned in the FAQ.

Actually, it's a little more complicated: early versions of Xen supported some 
kind of "legacy" processor operation for running in VMware (which didn't have 
the APIC, which Xen usually uses for timer functionality).  I'm not sure if 
this ever actually translated into an ability to run on truly pre-P6 
processors, but in any case I'd be *really* surprised if it worked on one 

So, please go ahead and update the FAQ - thank you very much for doing this!


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